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This app contains only the MENTALIST Go Locker ThemeApps and widgets are used in the preview screenshots are not a part of this Go Locker Theme. More Apps, Widgets or Themes/Skins from the MENTALIST Collection available on Google Play Store.Make sure the latest version of GO Locker has been installed!Search “GO Locker” on Google Play Shop and install it for free
How to apply this theme?Click “MENU—->Preferences—->Theme Settings -> GO Locker -> My locker” to choose the theme.
Do NOT "open" the app after it is installed!Go Locker themes are automatically added to the themes menu within the Go Locker app. If you "open" after install, it WILL give you an error. Please do not rate the theme poorly for install issues. If you continue to have problems, please contact us and we'll help you out
ContactsIf you have any problems or any suggestions for our Go Locker Themes, please do not hesitate to tell us. We will help you! E-mail:
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